Student Resources

Rachel Narula Music Studio offers a program of house concerts, informal concerts, auditions, and recitals for students, as well as information about upcoming events, workshops, and performances, pianos for sale, etc. Additionally, Rachel offers computer software programs and digital piano MIDI technology to teach theory, ear-training, sight reading, and rhythm and notation skills to help motivate, train, and retain students. She also offers relaxation and injury prevention techniques through interactive lesson video taping. Ensemble-playing is incorporated into lessons wherever possible. This is a package of many experiences which includes, but is not limited to, piano lessons. Well-rounded musicianship as well as technical skills such as sight-reading, theory and ear-training are emphasized. It is hoped that students will avail themselves of as many of the offerings as possible to broaden their horizons and help them enjoy music throughout their lives. These many opportunities allow students to maximize their potential, and give special value to the program fees.

Summer lessons

Students who take lessons consistently during the summer will progress more quickly, and this is recommended. However, if this is not possible, students who wish to continue taking lessons for the next school year will take a minimum of 10 lessons during the summer session (usually between May and the end of August). These lessons will be scheduled on an individual basis allowing for summer vacations, camps, etc. It may be necessary to have more than one lesson in any given week, and/or some lessons longer than others in order to complete the required time commitment during the summer session. Summer sessions will be paid in full at the beginning of the summer session.

Student Responsibilities

It is understood that the student will continue piano lessons for the entire school year. Assignments and practice should have the same priority as homework, and daily practice will produce the best results. The following times are required as a minimum for practice: Elementary school students – 20 to 30 minutes (5-6 times/week); Junior high/high school students – 30 to 45 minutes (5-6 times/week).

National Guild Auditions, recitals, workshops, concerts etc.

All students will be given opportunity to participate in the National Guild Auditions ( that take place each spring, and this is strongly encouraged; however, participation is optional. There are fees associated with the Guild Auditions that range from approximately $30-$40, depending on program length and type. There will be a fall and spring recital, currently held at the Carol Woods Retirement Community Assembly Hall.  There is a small fee per student for participation in the recital which is included in the semester’s fees; this fee is for rental of the venue where the recital is held and any other affiliated costs (such as piano tuning, printing of programs, etc.). House/informal concerts will be offered a few times a year (at no cost), and students are encouraged to participate in order to gain confidence performing and to learn to share their music and talents with others in an informal environment. When appropriate workshops and concerts are available, students/parents will be notified so they can attend.


Prior to beginning lessons, there will be a lesson for the student(s) in combination with an interview. The fee for this will be $25-$40, depending on the actual time used for the interview. This interview and lesson will assist Rachel in evaluating the student’s readiness for piano lessons (if a new student), and/or determine what curriculum or curriculum changes (if a transfer student) would be best for the student. You can also observe my teaching style for yourself and see if this is a style that you would like for your child, as well as get to get to know me personally. I have learned through the years that taking the time to meet initially for an extended period of time and to make decisions with careful consideration is always beneficial for a long-term relationship.