Both in-studio and in-home lessons currently offered.

One of my philosophies about teaching children is that “it takes a village.” My role is to partner with parents so that we can all work together to help children learn to love music. Parents have an extremely important role in giving structure for the practicing at home needed to prepare for a weekly piano lesson. They also give emotional support for continuing to study music, and provide many enriching experiences throughout the childhood years.

Exposure to great music, and to a wide variety of music, is a wonderful experience for your child – they will be open to hearing and appreciating all genres of music as they grow up.  One of the best things parents can do is to play a variety of music in the home.  Attending performances, participating in talent shows, even singing and working in theatre groups all add to the musical and artistic experience that balances academic learning in school. With this kind of background, children will be most likely to want to take piano lessons, and to continue to study through their high school years.