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What experts are saying about Kindermusik

  • “Kindermusik provides the sound nutrition to improve movement, listening and expression in young children.  Through activities and music making, skills for parents and children alike create inroads for the great orchestration of a family’s hearts, minds, and bodies.”  Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect for Children.
  • “Current research has shown that movement is the key to learning at any age.  When children and adults participate in Kindermusik classes they are developing both sides of their brains through structured and creative music and movement activities.  Kindermusik classes have always been fun!  Now I strongly feel that they are also part of our essential learning process!”  Anne Green Gilbert, Movement Specialist, author of Creative Dance for All Ages, and Director of Creative Dance Center.
  • “As an early childhood advocate I have found good music invaluable as a teaching tool.  Kindermusik has taken the art of combining music with learning to a new and higher educational level.  When children experience music in their early years, it lasts throughout their lifetime.”  Jim Powell, Ed.D., National Director of Assessment and Evaluation, Kaplan Companies.

Rachel and Students

What parents and judges are saying about Rachel Narula

  • “We want to thank you for your sincere dedication and hard work. We’ve had four different piano teachers over the years and you have been the most qualified and effective. Thank you so much for that.” (Mike H., Chapel Hill)
  • “You are a very gentle woman, very comforting and seem to really meet people where they are at and we greatly appreciate these qualities.” (Renee F., Carrboro.)
  • “Your students all play very musically – that is your doing – congratulations”
  • “You must be a born teacher”

Rachel and Students

What judges are saying about Rachel’s students

  • “A fine sense of style”
  • “Loved your attention to every dynamic and accent mark”
  • “You are just like Mary Poppins: practically perfect!”
  • “You are the last student on the last day and you have made this whole week worthwhile!”

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